Our History



With over twenty-five years of experience in the vacuum cleaner industry, our CEO and founder knew there were differents types of vacuum cleaners available. The most efficient and reliable were water-based cleaning systems.
All quality water-based cleaning systems were sold through direct sales, making them very expensive. Wanting to make a high quality system with an affordable price, he puts his experience to work.
The result is SIRENA; a "Total Home Cleaning System" of high quality with an Italian motor and Canadian engineering, developed with water filter and molecular separator to get the best air quality of our domestic environment, finally available with with the best price for all the families.
SIRENA is the culmination of modern design, built on years of experience.
SIRENA offers the most powerful, most effective and most economical choice for consumers who care about their health and the indoor environment.


SIRENA is recommended for people who suffer from "allergies and asthma".


The best solution for pet hair.


Recommended for "The Carpet and Rug Insitute" with the gold seal.



T. Khayrallah, Founder and CEO, Sirena Inc.

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